Grayling Strong and Viking Tough

Grayling Strong

Persevere through all things. This was something my Grandmother taught me early on in life and it is something that has followed me into adulthood. In both my personal and my business life, I’ve learned the lesson of powering through, being tough, and staying strong. I learned the value of being Grayling Strong and Viking Tough. In the spring of 2013 my Facebook feed was filled with heartbreaking comments about my hometown’s golf team. That fateful day, my small hometown lost a golf coach and a team member in a fatal car crash. Read More

Creating the Ideal Home Page

Amazing Thumbnail

You’ve got the perfect idea. I mean a good one. One you’ve been waiting your whole life to come up with. It’s good and you are going to be a superstar. You know this ever so perfect idea needs a killer website to make it come to life. Not just any website, but a good one that will quickly and beautifully illustrate your concept and why the world must embrace it. You pop on over to or Template Monster or any other website that offers thousands of WordPress themes. Somehow you’ve lost hours of your day combing Read More

WordPress Theme Translation, GlotPress, and You

Multilingual Thank You

Last week we announced that we updated all of our stock themes to make them translation ready. In the announcement we discussed i18n updates and the addition of RTL stylesheets, but that was just step one in a multistep process. We're now ready for step two and we need your help. We are an American based company with limited ability to translate our WordPress themes into other languages because we do not possess the ability to speak Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, etc. I truly wish I was multilingual, but that skill Read More

Save 20% on any Theme with our WordPress Black Friday Sale

Happy Thanksgiving

In honor of our crazy Thanksgiving tradition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, we are offering a limited time coupon for 20% off any of our premium WordPress themes. We've had a lot of people inquire about a possible Black Friday sale, so we're just going to break down and do it. We only run a sale once or twice a year, so buy now before you lose your opportunity to save. Here's How to Grab Your 20% Discount First, put down the turkey leg and stop eating that pumpkin pie. I know it is hard, but you really can do Read More

Crowd Favorite Partners with Web Savvy Marketing

Crowd Favorite Logo Square

I’m very excited to announce a new partnership between Web Savvy Marketing and Crowd Favorite. I’ve had the pleasure of spending a great deal of time with the Crowd Favorite folks this last year and I’ve discovered the two companies have a significant amount in common. So much so, that we all wanted to work a little closer together. A Little Bit About the Crowd Favorite Team Crowd Favorite is an international firm that delivers professional services in design and engineering to Fortune 500 companies. They have an impressive Read More

We’re Making WordPress Internationalization Easy With Translation Ready Themes Coded for Localization and Multilingual Usage

WordPress World Map

We’re making WordPress internationalization a whole lot easier by producing over 35 translation ready themes coded for localization, multilingual usage, and right-to-left language support. We've updated all of our existing stock WordPress themes so they're translation ready and we're going to make sure all future stock themes support easy translations and RTL content presentation. My Confusion on WordPress Internationalization We should have done this a long time ago and this is fully my fault for not recognizing the magnitude of Read More

Turn Your WordPress Website Into a Traffic Driving Machine

WordCamp Grand Rapids Presentation Cover

Did you build a website and no one came? Did you have grand hopes of internet fame, only to find creating and promoting your website or blog was much more challenging than you ever imagined? If your website (or blog) isn't bringing in visitors like it should, grab a cup of coffee and watch my WordCamp Grand Rapids presentation.  In this educational session I walk through the ten top changes you can make to your WordPress website to begin driving traffic and converting visitors. In the presentation I encourage the audience to Read More

The Sad Truth About US and Canadian Small Business Website Usage

Canadian and American Flags

The below chart represents internet usage, and more importantly growth, across US and Canada. If you step back and let those figures sink in, you'll realize this is amazing growth. I show you this graph because there is a severe disconnect between user internet adoption and US and Canadian small business website usage. Over 50% of businesses are missing out. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority has an amazingly awesome website that provides statistics for internet usage in Canada. I happened upon this recently and it Read More

Using Technology to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

Dog Tricks and Technology

Recently I was sitting on the flight headed to WordCamp San Francisco and I heard a woman behind me state “you can’t teach a dog a new trick” and I just had to giggle. She said this because she was trying to switch her smartphone from regular to airplane mode. You could tell she found the process a bit daunting and she was a bit overwhelmed by technology of this nature. I laughed about this because I know she is wrong. You really can teach an old dog a new trick. Well maybe not my dog, but it is possible with other dogs. I also Read More

Use WordPress to Create the Perfect Author Website Design

Fernando in Responsive Mode

Over the last few months my friend Chris has been pushing me to create a WordPress theme that would support DIY author website design. I was a little hesitant about this idea because I already had other products I wanted to create in my head. Chris knew it was a good idea and he knew this was a niche that was underserved by WordPress, so he continued to bring it up in conversation. After a while he created the base design for a template and sent it over to me. I’ll be the first to admit, his design was not only really good, it Read More

Customize a WordPress Theme With Conductor and Make Beautiful Music With Your Website or Blog

Music Conductor

Would you like to customize a WordPress theme without having to contact a programmer or agency for assistance? Would you like to tweak the presentation of a blog page on your own and not have to search through CSS or PHP code? Yep, me too and we're not alone. The WordPress community includes a lot of power users like you and me. We want to customize the layout and design of our website or blog, but we don't want to rely on others for help. If you fall within this type of user group, the new Conductor plugin is for you. Well you and Read More

A Chat About eCommerce Plugins and Themes

GOH Feature Image

Today I had the pleasure of joining Carrie Dils on her weekly podcast series Genesis Office Hours. Carrie invited me on to talk about the launch of our new WordPress eCommerce theme. We were joined by  Cory Miller, Justin Sainton, and Daniel Espinoza. The four of us represented the theme and plugin developers associated with our new Jessica theme. Carrie as kind enough to ask us on the show when she heard the new theme would be styled to run three different eCommerce plugins. That is kind of unheard of for WordPress and especially Read More

Introducing Jessica: A WordPress Store Theme With Lots of Options

Jessica Theme in Responsive Mode

We’re happy to announce the release of Jessica, a brand new WordPress store theme that was built for the Genesis Framework. Our theme is pretty, but don't let her beauty mislead you. She is a very powerful theme that is full of great eCommerce options. Jessica is not only beautiful, it's coded in HTML5 and supports schema. The theme comes with options to showcase coupons and freight specials, capture subscribers, and display sizing tables. It is mobile friendly so it will automatically adapt for tablets and smartphones. And best Read More

Introducing Derrick: A Training Website Theme

Derrick Training Website Theme in Reponsive Mode

We’re happy to announce the release of Derrick, a new WordPress LMS theme that was built for LearnDash and the Genesis Framework. Derrick was designed as a training website theme so it could support the creation of online courses and lessons. Our new Derrick theme is coded in HTML5, supports schema, and it is mobile responsive. It includes prebuilt styling for the LearnDash learning management system, iThemes Exchange, and WPAchievements. Derrick’s Feature Highlights Digital sales and download Membership Read More

A Visit to the WP Round Table

WP Round Table Video

This week I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the WP Round Table.  Kellen, Kyle, and Jason spent an hour with me in a question and answer format that explored my background, our business, and my place in the WordPress community. The podcast covers the firm's creation, our customers, our services and products, and my background in accounting. Yes, I really did major in accounting in college. And yes, I don't know what I was thinking when I made that decision. We chatted about PressNomics and WordCamps, my favorite Read More